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About Guardian K-9 Training.

About Guardian K9 Training and its founder Dana Hoffman.


We provide quality training at a fair rate. We believe everyone has the right to have a well behaved dog.  NO training routine should be the same for every dog. Every dog is different, so we evaluate them on an individual basis to ensure the best results.  Guardian K9 Training does this without costing the client an arm and a leg (we need our arms and legs for our dogs and our own well being!).


The ideal classroom situation for children occurs when teachers connect with each student to enhance and expedite the learning process. This applies to dogs as well. We’ve been fortunate to have had years of experience handling dogs both medically and psychologically which, when combined with our training skills, allow us to connect with each dog for the most effective learning experience. This is done by finding the right balance of discipline and praise, which makes training fun and efficient for you and your dog.

WE train puppies starting at 8 weeks of age and older
WE offer affordable training for all breeds and all ages.

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